Code Of Conduct

Studying at Dar-ul-Madinah College means that students will have all the legitimate means to interact with others, including teachers and fellow students. The college offers worthwhile activities to unleash and polish your hidden talent. We make sure that when you pass out, you have a bag full of memories and a heart filled with gratitude.

Discipline plays a key role in smooth learning and development. Therefore, Dar-ul-Madinah College has a set of RULES & REGULATIONS that ALL STUDENTS MUST FOLLOW.  All Dar-ul-Madinah College students must abide by these rules. Violating any rules will lead to Disciplinary Actions against the concerned students:

  • Students should show respect to teachers, non-teaching staff, fellow students and others.
  • Dar-ul-Madinah College discourages any affiliation with or promotion of any political movement or organization; hence considers political activity within or around its premises a punishable offence.
  • Students must carry their ID cards on campus.
  • All students must adhere to the dress code.
  • Each student is required to note orientation details, date sheets and any other course-related details displayed on our notice board or website.
  • Self-assessments are based on students’ overall performance; therefore, students must actively participate in all curriculum and co-curricular activities and training.
  • Students must clear their dues within the specified deadline as mentioned in their fee vouchers. Candidates with outstanding balances or overdue may not be allowed to appear in the assessments / annual examination and board examination.
  • Smoking and use of intoxicating substances are not allowed on the college premises and lead to disciplinary action.
  • Organizing or participating in any campus event, or setting up any student club or society, is not allowed unless it is done with permission and by the rules and regulations of Dar-ul-Madinah College.
  • Students are prohibited from collecting money or receiving financial help for or on behalf of Dar-ul-Madinah College unless expressly authorized in writing by the appropriate authority.
  • As free citizens of the country, all students must exercise loyalty and patriotism to Pakistan through dress code, conduct, and thoughts. Any act against the country’s honour or national interest is considered a clear violation of the rules.
  • Promoting any ideology or action contrary to the teachings of The Holy Quran And Sunnah of the Beloved Prophet (صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و اصحابہ وسلم ) is strictly prohibited.