IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure and Facilities

Dar-ul-Madinah College’s IT infrastructure has been designed according to the latest standards. The infrastructure is quite flexible with all the necessary integrations. Apart from seamless networking backed by wired and wireless protocols, we also offer safe and secure end-user connectivity. Moreover, we offer the much-needed IT infrastructure training to students preparing them for the future.

Dar-ul-Madinah College Activities
Dar-ul-Madinah College


Dar-ul-Madinah College intends to use Learning Management System (LMS) for our tech-savvy generation. The LMS has been designed with the view to help students, faculty and parents with study materials, resources, lessons, assignments, online teaching, quizzes and assessment records of students etc. Students and parents can track their assessment records and academic progress through the LMS and interact with the faculty as well.


Dar-ul-Madinah College aims at providing students, faculty, and staff with instant access to real-time information. The Campus Management System (CMS) is an integrated solution which takes care of the various activities of an educational institution like student management, administrative functions, etc. Our CMS will offer a wide range of services to support the complete student life from admission to alumni management.

Dar-ul-Madinah College
Dar-ul-Madinah College

Dar-ul-Madinah College Website

Dar-ul-Madinah College has a dynamic website i.e. linked with our CMS and LMS to ensure prompt liaison between the college and students/parents. Students can download forms, enrol themselves, attempt online aptitude tests and get updates about events and academics through the website.