Environment at Dar-ul-Madinah College

The environment at Dar-ul-Madinah College is congenial and based on the core values of our institution that enables each student to be creative and confident to tap into the potential of the future for innovations and inventions. We make sure that our Shariah-compliant environment is conducive to inculcating cultural, moral, ethical and Islamic values in our students. Besides providing them with the best study atmosphere, we also promote bright and creative ideas to help improve students’ capabilities and potential.
Dar-ul-Madinah College Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe that social responsibility should be shared by individuals and institutions as well. Dawat-e-Islami stands out from the league because of its well-organized and successful CSR campaigns. We aim to collaborate with FGRF, a multi-dimensional social welfare program initiated by Dawat-e-Islami, which gives us a way to instil social awareness in our students in particular and society in general.

Plantation Drive

Today, the world is facing a variety of challenges, global warming & pollution have been on top of the list. Therefore, it is our core responsibility to take necessary measures to minimize forest depletion on one hand and improve urban plantations on the other hand. We are planning to ensure that all our students actively participate in this plantation drive and play a major role in this campaign’s success. Eventually, this will help reduce the carbon footprints and minimize the negative effects of global warming & pollution. This is our way of giving something back to this planet out of everything that we have received.

Dar-ul-Madinah College
Dar-ul-Madinah College Activities

Blood Donation Drive

Dar-ul-Madinah College aims to participate in donating and collecting blood for thalassemia patients. Dar-ul-Madinah College students can voluntarily participate in these campaigns to collect blood or monetary donations for needy patients.

Charity and Social Welfare

Dar-ul-Madinah College students can also take part in all sorts of social and welfare activities initiated by Dawat-e-Islami. 

Dar-ul-Madinah College
Dar-ul-Madinah College

Quality Assurance

Dar-ul-Madinah College intends to exercise strict regulations for quality education and other affairs of the premises. Scheduled academic audits and inspections are carried out by the management. From curriculum to skills development training and co-curricular activities, our robust and rigorous quality audits evaluate the entire education model. To name some, the audits include observations and assessments of classrooms, teaching methods and strategies, examination policy and process, faculty members’ assessment, overall facilities and the environment on the campus. It aims to take into account its impact on the students and gives recommendations based on its unbiased observation.