Why Choose Dar-ul-Madinah College?

Quality education with Islamic Tarbiyah is very crucial in character building and defining the career one would pursue, therefore, choosing the right course of studies along with the right institution that shapes the lives of students Here and Hereafter is also a matter of great importance. After a successful launch of the Dar-ul-Madinah International Islamic School System dedicated to providing fundamental education to children under a Shari’ah-compliant environment, Dar-ul-Madinah has taken another step towards educating the nation i.e. Dar-ul-Madinah College.

College is a time of learning and discovery. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. We believe in a well-rounded education that nurtures a student’s personal, social and professional life. Dar-ul-Madinah College is established to cater for the dire need of institutions for quality education in Pakistan. Dar-ul-Madinah College employs the latest educational methods and techniques of modern times to equip the students of today with the insight into research, exploration and development that leads to novel ideas and theories that will surely contribute to innovations and inventions. Most importantly learning at Dar-ul-Madinah College will be carried out by considering Islamic guidelines. We aim to ensure Islamic practices in all our academic and co-curricular activities. Our qualified faculty is committed to helping realize the vision of Dar-ul-Madinah College. Similarly, in order to ensure wholesome growth of students, Dar-ul-Madinah College campuses have been furnished with science and computer laboratories and a library. Choosing Dar-ul-Madinah College for further education will be the right choice for your future.

Dar-ul-Madinah College